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GSG-5 Bayonet

Author's depiction of an improvised santoku bayonet

Let’s face it, there is a ton of stupid crap in the firearms community; from people turning an $80 Russian Mosin-Nagant into a $700 polymer abomination complete with red dot sight and four picatinny rails, to 300 lb. ham beasts dressing up like soldiers and law enforcement officers just to go bumble around the range and annoy the rest of us with their BS.

This site is mostly dedicated to those folks who swim in the shallow end of the gene pool, but we can’t spend our time making fun of everyone. So occasionally we’ll find, and share, stuff that’s “TactiCOOL” too; things that help actual operators, armed personnel, and well-adjusted individual citizens who are exercising their right to carry.

But mostly, we’re going to make fun of the jackasses that ruin it for the rest of us. ¬†You know who you are.