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Double Mac-10

By the silhouettes it’s obvious someone else got to this one first. Fortunately, it wasn’t the red and yellow burger chain. The firearms community has enough problems with diet and exercise.

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Best Job in the World…

…military consultant for the Starship Troopers films. Why, you ask? Because you apparently don’t need to know anything about Robert Heinlein‘s books, or even pay attention to the small unit tactics. Just drink coffee and occasionally yell at the actors about trigger discipline.

…that and Jolene Blalock.

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We had to create a new category for this crap

…just can’t decide what we want to call it – LOLlywood? Hell, that’ll do, pig.

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Cops on Film

Who said videotaping police was a threat to officer safety?

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Japan’s Got Jokes

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Limited edition, obviously.

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Winnie the Pooh your pants

The Hundred Acre Wood just got a bit more deadly…

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Long Range Machine Pistol

For those times when you need to throw back your trench coat and shoot someone 300m away.

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U.S. Army Ice Cream Policy

Some SGM apparently wanted to make it clear that “F.O.B” didn’t stand for “Fatties On Base”.

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Marines showing appreciation for their best friend

This Richard fellow must be a swell guy for them to go to all the trouble of spelling out his name.

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Playground Security

Provided by the 3rd Infantry Division (“Rock of the Marne!”).

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Keeping it Stupid-Simple

The maxim of “Keep it simple, stupid” (K.I.S.S.), is pretty universal in the military, but sometimes you need to be just a bit more explicit…

Photo credits: Phanatic

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Tea and Swashbuckling

Real pirates drink Earl Grey.

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The more you bleed in training…

…the less you sweat in war?

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14-ounce Ticket

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